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Majority of calculations are still calculated on dedicated Excel spreadsheets, which continues to be a preffered tool used by engineers across all sectors of industry.

This is where we can help you by developing or reviewing existing spreadsheets and implement automated solutions, that will save you time and minimise human error. This is acomplished by using full arsenal what Excel has got to offer.

Regular excel and advanced funtions are used first when developing calculations. When this is not possible or isn't practical, then user defined functions can be considered.

User defined functions are developed in Visual Basic for excel. Unlike regular functions, user need to create functions from scratch, inputs are identified, solution is tested and outputs are returned. Drawback of user defined functions is they cannot be used to modify the workbook.

When user defined functions cannot be used, regular Excel subroutines can be developed to produce a solution. Subroutines are allowed to change spreadsheets. Code execution in Visual basic can be executed hunder time faster than on spreadsheets, especially if arrays are used. So implemented macro solutions can be optimised to run faster.

Data extractors extract and copy the data from other excel workbooks, text files, JSON, SQL databases or HTML pages. This is known as ETL in computing and refers to Extract, transform and load. Data extractors are employed when large amount of data needs to be extracted from other sources and consolidated in a single excel file. For example of data extractors refer to our calculations page.


SQL server is popular database solution for storage, reporting and data analysis purposes. It can store and handle large amounts of data, and responds quickly to queries.

We can offer services involving database creation and migration. Perform advanced querying and data analysis, writing efficient functions and procedures , or review your database solutions and suggest improvements.

Creating SQL databases, suitable data type, tables and specifying relationships. Definition of primary and foreign keys.

Creation of advanced queries in SQL using vast arsenal of SQL functionality, like select, unions, joins and where statements.

SQL function are useful for data transformation and mathematical operations carried out database values.

Stored procedures are developed to avoid code repetitions. Stored procedures may involve many series of SQL queries and functions combined to be executed at the same time.


Web development is moving with light speed in the digital era, and a lot of companies are transitioning from regular software implemenations to be web based.

We can provide solutions to create modern and responsive web databases, built on ASP.NET framework using popular server side languages, like C# and Jquery for Client side events.

Page design is usually written using reusable code like bootstrap, but can also be created from scratch using HMTL and CSS styling. Creation of forms and validation techniques, modal windows, carousel, picture libraries and much more.

CSS is currently the most popular tool to add styling, animation and effects to any webpage.

Server side development can be done using C# or VB language, and most commonly involves interfacing to SQL server where ETL and data import operations are taking place.

Java script is the best tool for client side programming, where code is executed on the fly without having to wait for response from the server.