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Good and effective maintenance regime is crucial for operation and overall realibility of the installed measurement system. It provides confidence in the measured values, and gives asssurance to owners and partners, that system is measuring correctly and within specified uncertainty limits.


We can provide full metering support to asset maintenance by supplying dedicated and trained metering personnel. Our technicians can provide full metering support to your assets by carrying out necessary preventive and corrective maintenance routines.

Preventive maintenance is carried out at planned schedules, whilst corrective maintenance addresses breakdowns and equipment failures, and generally requires restorative work to be carried out. Easy fixes can usually be corrected quickly, and on the site. Other, more difficult cases, take more time and require effective planning, and vendor support to be rectified.

Provision of experienced and trained metering personnel to onshore or offshore facilities.

  • Meter Verifications
  • Meter zero checks
  • Certification of primary meters
  • Certification of densitometers
  • Flow computer configurations checks
  • Management of logbooks
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Determine root cause
  • Primary instrument removal and repair
  • Secondary instrument removal and repair


Scheduling of rotas, general maintenance support and contact with vendors is handled by engineering team onshore. Depending on project requirements onshore engineers can be employed to take care of scheduling and planning acitivities.

  • Planning of technician's rotas
  • Planning of maintenance routines
  • Planning of Shutdown work scopes
  • Compiling and reviewing maitenance procedures
  • Supporting metering technicians
  • Specifying work scopes abd estimation of manpower hours
  • Reviewing and clearing audit items


Some maintenance work scopes may only be completed during yearly turnaround. Turnaround scopes are generally planned well in advance and require facility approval. Once approval is given, relevant spare parts and equipment must be identifed and purchased. Manning requirements are then allocated, and potential Vendor support identified.

  • Integrated facility planning
  • Identification of all shutdown work scopes
  • Identification of material and man hours required
  • Vendor support requirements
  • detailed planning