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Mis-measurements, as the name suggest refers to flow meters measuring and handing off incorrect data due to underlying issue. This can happen for various reasons, most common ones which are outlined below.

  • Process Issues
  • Errors at commissioning
  • Errors at meter change-outs
  • Incorrect flow computer configurations
  • Testing errors
  • Human errors
  • Breakdowns, fails and leaks

Mis-measurement can have a big effect on the overall allocation of metered oil anf gas phases. This is especially true when there is more than one owner of the field. It is, therefore important mis-measurements are addressed as soon as possible.


MIMO can help you with mis-measurements to reduce your workload. We can address and solve your mis-measurements in effective and transparent way, where all re-calculation steps are outlined and suitably documented. We have experience working with variety of meters with different underlying causes.

Bullets below outline common steps undertaken when solving mis-measurements.

Go through meter history to find more about why mis-measurements has happen and try to determine the root cause. Speak to metering technician that has reported the mis-measurement. Collect relevant information like process trends and conditions, calibration certificates, flow computer settings, maintenance records etc.

Exact time periods when mis-measurement has occured and ended needs to be established. This time period needs to be cross checks against other pending or completeted mis-measurements in that period.

Determine correction factor that would need to be applied to correct for mis-measurement effect. Describe how the correction factor has been derived. Apply the correction factor to re-caclulate original figures.